What is Human Trafficking?  Who Does it Affect?  What Can You Do To Help?

Learn more about the history, relevance, and long term impact of adverse childhood experiences.

3,000,000 children are victims of child sexual abuse every year.  Only 1 in 10 will report their abuse to a friend, non-offending caregiver, or a trusted adult.  Understand your role as a mandated reporter and know how to report abuse!

Mandated Reporters must must submit a written report (DHR/SSA 180) to the local department of social services within 48 hours.  Additionally, you should keep a copy of your written report and the date and time you made the verbal report.  Print this form to use as a guide in documenting your reports.

Child Sexual Abuse:  A reference guide on recognizing, responding, and reporting.

Mandated Reporting:  A reference guide on the role of the mandated reporter.

The Children's Advocacy Center model brings the system to the child, and brings the agency professionals together to work in a collaborative approach that results in effective, efficient  and child-centered casework.